Other Holes

March 19, 2018 - 2:31 pm

Just some thoughts on this whole Jets trade and how it's got plenty of us spooked.

Food for thought:

Bills current holes:








Bills players traded in the last year:

QB    - Taylor

WR    - Sammy    

LB    - Ragland

DB    - Darby

OL    - Glenn

DL    - Dareus

Sure each trade brought with it a circumstance that helped us make sense of the deal.  Sammy wasn’t going to sign (could have franchised after 5th year option meaning the Bills had control of his rights for at least two years, or could have tried to re-sign), Darby didn’t fit (Ok, that’s fine and the DBs have been good), Glenn too expensive and his replacement looks good, Dareus too expensive/headache, Tyrod too expensive/not their guy, Ragland not a fit.

This is... The Process.  Right?

It’s not to say that you want the Bills to undo all these trades, but this idea that they have too many holes to fill to trade for the QB… well the reason they have the holes is because they’ve set out to create them. 

The Bills traded away players that are proven in the league to build up a war chest and (we think) draft a QB.  

That’s been the plan, right?  They’re doing all of this, going back to last year because you’re going to address franchise QB in the 2018 Draft.

Now that they’re at 12 and 22, and the price to move up might be more clear, it shouldn’t shock anyone that Bills fans, who watched this amassing of assets, are eager to see their team actually spend it.

If they spend all of their picks, and come away with no QB… they’ll still have “holes to fill” next year.  You’ll always have holes to fill.

That Jets trade will be defined by how good the player they pick is.  No one will remember the price they paid on its own.  It’s all about that one player.  Speculation and draft chatter is fun but the Jets are now locked on a course that will change their franchise.  They're getting a QB in the Top 3, and the Bills are... still waiting.  Color me jealous of the Jets for the time being.  

I don’t know if the Bills will trade up. Heck, I’m not even sure they SHOULD.  I'd respect the hell out of it because it'd say that they believe in one of these guys.  It's also possible they think there will be a Jackson/Rudolph option at 12, or move up to 7 to snag Baker Mayfield.  

I constantly wrestle with the odds, which say you're more likely to get a guy at the top, and the reality that so much of the QB evaluation is a mystery.  You have to have the right system.  The right coach.  The right talent around him.  There's a lot to consider for this very important move that the Bills may or may not make.  

This team added picks number 22, 56, 65, 96, 166 in deals sending out players and opening holes.  The value of all the Bills picks adds up to about a draft-and-a-half.  They can make a move to the top, pay a lot, and still have leftovers to finish things out and fill the "other holes" that we hear so much about.

It's stressful for sure.  That said, here's what I'm just not worried about - The price to go up and what it means for these "other holes".

Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to obsessively staring at the draft order, reading mocks, and counting down the minutes until this whole thing happens.


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