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It is now. Because it seemed like it dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Hughes who is Beckett did. Mutations. You the original. And right now maybe I'll tell you. In our growing older is mandatory growing up as optional. And laughing at yourself there's therapeutic. The number one weekend radio variety show right here in buffalo. And you've got it right now one minute. It is after 7 o'clock on this Saturday morning. Seventeenth. Of June. In 2070. And checking out feeling weather forecast here we go slight chance of showers. Then maybe is thunderstorms this afternoon. High temperatures around 88. Tonight. Slight chance of a thunderstorm. With the overnight low Gaddis believers are not seventy forward. And Sunday. Slight chance of thunderstorm. High temperatures around 87. Apparently the lake front has seventy degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 72. And the most downtown 73 degrees. At the originals and still the best from seven at nine maybe you've got it. This is a M fifteen to one AW KBW's. The news and play the and I. Okay. Yeah let me. It's. And I it is and I hand. What this is not done a lot of things. It's. Not a solo homer and I. Miles away. But can run and lose you lose. Gone and I knew mom Goldman. So we'll. The okay. Yeah when. Again okay. Hello and you okay. Yeah. It's. It's. A little. We miss to slam the minds of momentum around. My favorite pastime it unless it's into the ground. But it's due to remove mountains you want me and I. There is around the news lovable all. So. Okay. My. Yeah okay. It is. Can. Okay. Okay this. Yeah. Go oh yeah. Billy thanks. Plus. I just missing to me Maddox. It was DS this time. Hamas. That's just me. Oh. I. I just. It is. Okay. Okay. Okay. And smooth. It was still. And it was done. It's. Know. This. Yeah yeah. Zimbabwe. There was no revote. It's sort of during the bond as we love to do you are defending 22 minds WW can be and you call us and instincts and really. Funny but. Are buying gold and how about that died minutes after 7 o'clock. Celine. Dion. And when it touched me like this when you hold me like that. And that kind of stuff powered by upstate Chevrolet. Flying to new roads to upstage her relative Attica. Shop online 24/7. In all you have to do is or go too shabby of Attica. Back in the saddle here again this Saturday morning and missed last week because. Some personal things. But I get a surprise when I come in this Saturday morning. And our old buddy Jimmy steadily on out. Is doing the engineering fours here I am there is it's Auckland back to me yet talk coming back to him out. You know remain. But yeah nice surprise Jim I haven't seen in awhile. It's been ages in ages and of course it Jimmy is. A student of mine from many years ago. And imminent drew Clark. By. Honor. Students. I made the honor roll with their class I think. Oh you did I mean I slack off quite a bit fat. It's only when you visit in the control room that it becomes a problem but there's no prisoners this morning so. Anyway. It is Father's Day weekend. And here's here's a dead and so. And this is Paul over street. Yeah. We know we'll stay. His friends. To build the team. Word. So. And end. Mean. Players. Live local add even sometimes lovable. You got the radio rawhide renegade romantic rooster would my cast of characters. Family and friends. Famously had fifteen money WK BW. And with that note right there at the son just came out and CNET how about that 88 today. 87 tomorrow. Overnight lows. Seventy fours. Chance of thunderstorms posted so be aware that they cannot tell you. That it is Thursday afternoon. We got here. Down in the southern tier especially. Rush bird and Cuba. Where. Yesterday. When Tuesday Allegheny hills golf course. Man had a couple of Beers. And launch. And the course was closed cherry. Be those of flooding. And it wiped out two of the bridges. So there was like twenty people out there trying to restore the bridges and. Not anyway speaking of Allegheny hills. You know they get some cute girls. Are right I might get you wind ha ha ha all right I just might do that. What a beautiful place a brand new restaurant. An extension that they put on. In the last fall. And of course they're locally owned. And operated between Cuba and were pressured. At 9622. Parties corners road. Now if you want more information as far as their membership. As you can go to Allegheny hills dot net. Or if you wanna make reservations. For tonight or tomorrow. At their beautiful restaurant. It's 585. That's 15854371. Anyone's 63. All right Allegheny hills dot net. 16 minutes after 7 o'clock coming up this hour. We have our red Lynn ski meets polka of the morning. And then of course doctor pat carmody. What's his commentary over the back fence sponsored by size. Alma pharmacy. Are right. DiMarco this is. Yeah. Am. City. By requests. Sister golden hair that's America. Exactly taught him minutes after 7 o'clock. Major market radio in a large market town. A division and service. Of and you remember Dee Clark Egypt and forget he has won his wonderfully. Yet you get their rate in do you know do you realize. She's been gone ten years this year in it is you know that says my junior high school yeah as a yeah October of 07. And kind of ironically I'm speaking up as. Today would have been my son's. 47 birthday. And then the call from David. So that diversity use. And we know where you're. Union auto and truck repair 1560. Harlem road that unit number two and Jake tell loggers. Where you get all tragic goodies when it comes to auto repairs and service. How about a lube oil and filter. Plus tire rotation. For 2995. 3220629. Is a phone number Rick Jones is your man that's union auto and truck prepared in Cheektowaga. 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Seated just opened 905 elm village Sheikh loss in elm wood village is at 1217 Delaware and gazed down millionaire's row from a private balcony scene apartment in a grand dam mentioned at Amherst listed thirteen 94 Amherst street ominous and six more from tender side. Today they got buffalo living toward god let her pick up a pamphlet downtown figure pre trolleys or the scenic bike routes stay for happy hour from five played on the South Lawn of the just opened Henry Hobson Richardson masterpiece in the shadows of his mystical powers and the hotel memories and enjoy live entertainment have cocktails food and more. God did Billy Missouri isn't it how much their bodies BMW's health for a Mayo as minis in BMW motor red motorcycles all on display at the hotel Henry nationwide insurance presents the buffalo living toward a free event sponsored by creative storage. Town other motives and the buffalo new home finder join us today. Hardware. 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Doctor. What they'd do it. It next episode after Jim's doctor doctor Jack ass there's Jennifer it doctor has doctor doctor Patrick Gordon after just talked about it Jim from. Doctor against doctor doctor Jones four door luxury students. And Jennifer. John I'm back with a report on doctor Jim. It was right for you set it would be John thank you Jennifer right on the backseat John very good Jennifer again right next to these pantyhose. And egos yes John panty hose while lie I asked general Don I'd say at John I don't wanna know if you're with one of those nurses and physical therapy in the backseat of your luxury sedan. Late at night in some remote wooded area alone. Except for maybe another nurse. I don't wanna know. Okay you. Jennifer is not that at all these are my panty hose all. That's very different place Al panty hose to earn extra cash Jennifer. You know the medical profession is what it used to be with malpractice insurance costs and shows like Doogie Howser at all. Oh John can I ever make this up do you just buy a pair of my pantyhose Jennifer. Join us again next time when we hear Jennifer say I do what you're pantyhose Joan every 95 as my final offer I'll take you aren't itself has spent. I've checked out the weather forecast. Than. It's going to be hot one slight chance of a shower today thunderstorms may read this afternoon. High temperatures around 88. Tonight. Thunderstorms low 74. And Sunday. Slight chance of thunderstorms. Then some more thunderstorms. That took its acts. Highs near 87. Sunday night heavy rain really do we need mower. And the chance of showers on Monday Monday night. Tuesday Tuesday night. Wednesday. At all. Anyway. A lake front and right now has seventy degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 72. And looped downtowns 73 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to nine. The radio show that buffalo wakes up to. On Saturday mornings. On AM fifteen to wanted WK BW. Me. The name. Avian. Was that dream job. Betraying. You know. Okay. Hey. We. AM fifteen point eight WK BMW. 29 before top of the hour. Neil Diamond right there of course. That's long fellows. Serenade. Well. On the line was this right now. From the East Aurora. Haven't big doings today at masters since they here is Mike. Good morning TJ how are you. Michael I aim. I'm doing better thanks thanks stressed. It's looks like we got a sunny day today. Yeah out chance of showers but you know what. Most of your activity at master says his is gonna be inside. Most of that is inside in all of it pretty much can be moved inside this the weatherman forces us to do that but. There's a lot going on today we're getting ready. We've been getting ready all week in fact and that starts at 9 o'clock everything kicks off and goes till 5 o'clock today. We got Niagara frontier Korean upon club show all day today it would a lot to rep slots educational opportunities. Basket raffle. All the stuff they do without us ever year and then tomorrow at 11 AM they do an auction which is a cash. Only auction and they want me to stress that. But lots of good deals there I even buy stuff at that auction because we can buy it they're cheaper than I can buy it anywhere else. All right now when you say auction might water a day a auctioning off. Mostly on related water Garrard related products in Italy beat fish court fish goldfish. Auctioned off in and a filters and pumps all sorts of things that the water certain needs. Right though today you're gonna have some speakers they're. Manufacturer. Wraps you have a basket raffle. And art collector cars on display. Yeah ray Lucas many of your listeners probably know race he's. An antique car buff and he's set up on antique car show in these Tommy we may have as many as thirty cars here. And I heard there may even be someone on my name and doctor Judy here in his car. Well we're gonna try to get over their town. And tomorrow the arcs and of course and it's all hosted by masters sins are quite a nursery and water garden center. Which everybody knows word is but I'll remind you now it says 725. Foley and rode in Easter Rorer. All right good luck and have a good couple of days and will be talked imagine. Thanks very much back in happy Father's Day. YouTube Mike your are rightly. Confederate railroad. There was then. Other daddy's days so. Short form. I don't know man very good. But it. And I. Oh man. I. In any. Various spots. I. He ran. Mr. Jones. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. And don't remember him may have proven. There are things. Cheers me at the moment. He's alert and disabled. Okay. Okay. Okay. In the heat of summer and I. The phone does not pick. His own good advantage on his. Well yeah the causes. And. Had mom. And the sound of the baton. Innocence. It's been good thoughtful. That was shouting in history to the sound of running need to look at someone said. A hundred tons of them after and. And there was no sound. It's. Cool. And comfortable well. And the door burst open like I. But it's it can. But I'd say can. Then I had six. AM fifteen to 18 WKB. And W. The night Chicago died in this paper lace. 19 before 8 o'clock this Saturday morning great to be reviewed zones. You know we appreciate your company. And if you wanna check something out go to. My new web site. Go to doctor. And I checked checking out those little bio there are some pictures eaten. Recent shows from previous Saturday mornings and why you're there. Click kind to Tim lynch. And guide to hold for a frequent. Messages. Clicked on that that thing there wouldn't call. It. Jim the link. I always adds however it is difficult to link I don't know yet computers interwebs. On the computer dubbed. Potential. And I get a free quote. Like I did the other day myself. And you know what turned out pretty good. So that's where that is but there's a doctor. And at the same time and check out your auto and homeowner's insurance. Went up free quote. From Tim lynch and Geico. Ride out here it's. Time right now war. 1585. Walden avenue or Cheektowaga. And their phone numbers 8925355. You know they deliver there. Marvelous products all over the country for. And they also have an 800 number it's 18086740. And sixty. Now. Read from his teammates. Presents Jimmy starter and the orchestra. But why should apply. Jimmy stir and these guys. We residence he meets polka. This morning 15 before 8 o'clock 745. That means it's time for over the back fence was doctored bat carmody. Sponsored by size alma pharmacy. In alma. And good morning dear doctor carmody. Hot tea and yet there are slow Berkshire. You know it's it's a border to get old. When I was your age I think the same thing. Let's talk about. And now you're in better shape and you learn when you were my age. Now app. I attacked. What's up. Well I want to go back and talk about something that we talked about two years ago in the very beginning. And if you conclusion as to what happened last Wednesday. I'm referring to the plant water crisis went Michigan. Remember only talked about that yeah yeah sure well planted and it is city. Located about seventy miles north of Detroit. With a population of 98000. People. But 41% of these people live below the poverty. It's a very poor there record city. And the the median income. Household income is only 24000 dollars where's the media make some progress in Michigan is fifty. Wow that is a big difference. In this city is 56%. African American. Now what happened is. The brain trust. That this city and I wanna emphasize them here because of buffalo we could have a comparable situation. Well. Let me talk to you about patronage. As we all know living above below one of the date the best holes. A page and it's patronage jobs turns out to be a water authority right yes. Now. So so many people think that is a very demanding. He get a politician he did you a favor to put them on the board and the top money. And he's happier and saying and then you replaced later with another political bloody capture. The problem is when you're in charge of water. Forest city. You can do very very very bad things and that's what happened in plant. Let Michigan was under a lot of economic crisis. And what they did is they did our kinds of things to see if they could curb. The amount of expenditures. Coming out of the city budgets. So today. Needed something that to this day that it is listening to him at 2014. And today it's funny seventeen. We're still fighting what what the what they did. But they were doing is they were back underwater from Detroit. And into the drinking water that goes into all the homes in the little Flint, Michigan has been little Clinton 88000 people on people yeah. So they would. They would buy their water from Detroit Detroit would serve either there or water probably you'll Iraq. And everybody was happy. Well these rain trusts and and then planned decided that they could make it cheaper. Okay. And what they want to do them is they wanted to tap dance to this who. Awful. River called the Flint river. For their drinking water is now the engineers said you can't do there. This is below it fecal material industrial waste. Itself bad. Dead General Motors and other car companies in Detroit would not use water pump plan because it would screw up all their equipment. So these brain. Decided that's okay hello we're gonna do it through gonna build a pipeline to Lake Huron directly but Indian terms. We're gonna camp and two. It's Flint river and we're gonna purify the water and no one will know the difference souls saved mega bucks is now one vacate megabits but is that really mean. It means that they put that money that these so called paid into their favorite slush fund. That are helping anybody. And act or they did that. Well the bad thing about it is they didn't act state did that this city and emphasis I have to put that that they did not put in certain. Ingredients into the water which would. Make the waters safer it would cost 200 dollars that day. Do it. And they rejected doing. So what happens is this crises. Latin water. Went through all these old lead pipes of this city into the hall. And leased out the lead into the drinking water. And now that what happened was Virginia Tech and a whole bunch of there's science. People down. I too that are up to you tried that clinicians say and did an investigation and they were appalled. By the finding dead. About 40% of the homes. Had huge increases and let him know drinking water that's that is that it. All because it is stepped estate money that these idiots that don't know anything about water. But the bad thing about it was the easy to halt the tech athletic exploited children. Is very bad because children are developing their brain. And so what they've net result is impaired technicians behavioral disorders hearing problems and delayed puberty. And pregnant women would have. Unborn children affected of course that you have as a so this was very pervasive. And the people living and plans return on their tap water but it glass underneath it and dollars and brown water would come off. Won't. I mean brown water dogs and they found that their kids were getting sick and that only that but the Kid Rock breaking out rashes and Jewish power. Meals dropped it to the attention of the grass. Poet and artist. And then they set up a class action lawsuit. Under the hundreds of residents. And that kind of got it tense in the these people. OK and then just these airlines saying that it started twenty court team that is 2017. And what happened was over the period of time over that period time. The deal that doesn't plan started to recognize that they had a major crisis. And they went to the federal government and they answered tons of money from Walt probably rejected it. They went out and spent a lot of money and soldiers giving free filters to people which didn't work. Because when they tested the water after these little cheap filters were used this bill let's count was still though it. So when today the attorney general. Mystique of Michigan. He carries a whole bunch of people including. Including. The head of the Hulk department at Michigan. With involuntary manslaughter oh era for twenty years in jail. It's safe it's they're found guilty. This. Could send president. Are the thing about it is what happened who's now it'll lead poisoning which was totally totally unacceptable. And all the sudden. All of a sudden they detected an outbreak of legionnaires' disease. Whom. Legionnaires' disease you know it started in Philadelphia hotel during an American legion conference is and who is due to the contaminated water. Dan I stated that a hotel I gave a presentation from Children's Hospital. Is that what happened to you kept. Well what happened was they get it here hotels now yes that's correct this and about back in the seventies on. Yes there in 1976. On who you know we've been talking about legionnaires' disease for a long time but all the platinum plant. We have. Twelve people die pain. Police and here's cities where else we have all 400 people effectively legionnaires' disease. And it's due to eight tank and there's scientific evidence to indicate this. That is due to the water contaminated with the bacteria. The Jannero. Because it is it more water it's contaminated water these bacteria try that. The law so what can you imagine we have a hundred cases of legionnaires' disease. We have over twelve people dead. Nano McNamara Jim I I've said this CU before that could you imagine being. The real estate person in Flint, Michigan. And are trying to trying to sell home. I don't at all because of these incompetent idiots. That are on the water board the don't know what they're doing. And it all went up to his fire that governor. Now the governor is a complete idiot. Hand. Everybody wants him to resign. Because his top aides are the ones that are gonna go to jail. OK but he came out he said. That these people have worked very hard. And he wants to make sure that everybody understands that. And I've guilty until proven guilty yes and there and it's and right now and they're gonna continue working and their capacity. These apple does well. Well I I know a place where you can always get pure water. You know where that is where size pharmacy. Absolutely. But. That is the beginning out will let politicized right now and talked about my most favorite place else on an album resident has been since 1970 Terry. When we bought our first call. And I need is the central place them all want everybody goes society. It is everything aligned quite seriously it really does. And now today is the day before I Tuesday. So few people out there have not gone out done the shopping for your dad. And act on out but they're better. Father's Day card that they have now the time to do that there'll until 9 o'clock at night. And believe me they're gets out and they're tired selection is beyond compare always put aside that is it is optional. Now for pharmaceuticals. You're dealing with a tap people there as well they know what they're doing it take care of view they're highly professional this step is unreal. Oh come away from where they're up there in the pharmacy department take it down to the analysts. Chile as various product. Tell you the comparisons between one and the other I've in this sense summit amicably and out knowledgeable these young people are. But they're professionals and the Americans are finishing up there nursing degrees. And doubtful accounts but very they're the best he's ever looked round you've been there felony. When I was there Wednesday. So you better believe it at least once a week all right continuing on. How's this gonna play out. The the lawyers for these people or indicted stated that it it's everything is baseless. And all this will be just completely dismissed. But I think his strong have evidence. That these guys we're totally incompetent. And allowed this to have a he would have won the outbreak of legionnaires and these came about. Very few people knew about it and the officials and planned and indeed tried. Knew about it but they kept it quiet for a year. Had they let people know that there was a danger for legionnaires' disease one could take precautions. Especially the elderly people. And they didn't know about it because they want forewarned. You know that would be. If there's 98000 people. In Flint, Michigan that would be his size. Cheektowaga. Yeah and can you imagine. This epidemic going on and Jake the wire. I can't and then both declined to heat that's what I was leading up to we have comparable situations here are reasoned with the water board. Made up of a bunch of phony people that don't know what they're doing I don't know why they're doing it very getting paid heavily to to have their name on the board. And to be. Severe charge to water than you do with water you better be very careful. Because. If there is an enemy that wants to do bad things to a city. All they have to do is get into the water supply. Always. My. And these people implants they didn't have an aunt. They had perpetrated this they had old specials that they elected. We're paid to handle these told officials. Yes you re knee damage out. Where does this a stand now is far. And is what are people doing their right now. Well they're drinking bottled water yeah. You how many bottles glad they're bottles sold watery case to make the meal. Unbelievable yeah yeah. I just imagine. You that you that you can't bays and this water could you break out knock and as things. And you can't drink it and maybe try to cook anything you need a lot so bottled water. Nasty it's. Boy oh boy it. So will lead to hearing more about it but anyway Wednesday the indictment came down. And it it is shock for the system of a lot of people the attorney general of Michigan to the right thing. And the governor refused to. To accept. Any fault. And then picked he's got under investigation. So he's gonna get off the free he has. Dollars and underling they're gonna have a a lot of time in jail but all mine I wanna watch this because it's going to be interest. Let's say around the corner yeah it's one thing is that you know that other foreign country you'd think it would be in a foreign country the latest. Plays out. Or Bangladesh yourself and have it right here. All right doctor Carmen a great information and a bookkeeper and Diana. Please do have yourself oh wonderful way to all right I'm going to have it does thank you very much you do. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AM WW KB. All right here we go and yeah the weather toward him. It's. Slight chance of showers this morning's today and thunderstorms. This afternoon. I'd temperatures around 88. Tonight slight chance of thunderstorms and low was only about seventy forward. It's Sunday. Thunderstorms. 87 prize. Sunday night. Heavy rain 66 for a loans. Monday chance of showers then showers Monday night Tuesday towers you know when the Asian hours Carrey go with the temperatures. As I don't wanna continue into Thursday or Friday. The lake front has 72 degrees at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 73. And the move downtown we've got 74 degrees. At the original and still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. Radio show that buffalo wakes up to. On AM fifteen to one AW KB HW. From going broke a bone. We can't we can't. No yeah. You. It's. It's time. Okay. OK so. It's. Oh. That. I. Okay. All we. Then. We saw. Hi this. But we're. Yeah. Crown up high and fairly well ray studios at JP. What are you playing or you're okay. Call 18061581. And 44. Other fathers day soon and that is hands holly Dunn. From several years. And I can relate to that title song that'll story. It is it's 7 minutes after 8 o'clock 80 seven I'm sure a lot of you can act to that story. But I wanna tell you is. About to folks. Who. Well if you're looking for. Some con efforts. Trees you know remain. These people sell everything from four feet to twelve feet. And they have white spruce blue spruce Black Hills groups. Norway spruce. And any kind of for you'd like. They are. Well you know we're talking about. Who Reese tree far. And they had where they guess started 1950. And what they have done. Is that a roll back the prices to where they work fifteen years ago. Now they only dig in the spring. And then September 15 through these embers. You can place your orders now. And all you have to do is go to reached tree farms dot com. Or call mopped at 7163728628. They have. Over how how many years at 500. Wedeman. Over 500. Acres. And a half million trees in the ground. And I'm sure they've got yours there all right 7163728628. Jimmy Jimmy is playing reverses courts in their ivory we wanna going to march just not right now. And you know it's. Two not to fish too hot to play golf. And it's still called it home. So we'll have to do. It works out and out here maybe was that girls. Across the bar room if you know what I mean bananas but also has about there. She. Who's. I. He's old hometown advantage. Go. It's. And I. Yeah. Or go. It's good food. I. The it. You know. Mean easy enough to. Or go. Yeah. It's easy. Yeah I. Okay. It's. The okay. I. Well being. Here. I. And I. Powered by upstate Chevrolet five new routes to upstage certainly shop online 24%. Jerry calendars here comes summer. And here comes Trixie. Tonight and they. Well yeah she failure then now all bloodless so. What's up. It picks. Me Trixie Dixie. And yes you're okay. He. Won't. Let I have to hire a. Do you only now. I think it's a she's getting Goering on the show on terror you it's time for his sports. Sponsored by their comfort funeral home in South Wales. CY more families are choosing locally owned comfort funeral home. Serving their greater East Aurora area at sixty or 69 and over again wrote that drew sixteen in South Wales. General street nations and pre planning. Which funeral director Ali should triggered she provides a top flight professionalism. And guidance. And they're compassion you've come to expect from a family owned business. Kind of beautiful campus. Visit www. Comfort funeral home does count. Or call 7166528760. Now they all sports guru himself well who's. Back in the studio. In the main control room. Jimmy still Leon Noland who's who do sports chores sports gurus debatable. On the attack in Regis and schoolers all right you've the cardinals beat the lawyer Orioles last night on us not goods. But wait a minute now I loved the cardinals to is like a key NC I love. The cardinals new York and it let me take about this year you've ripped through sports and now we didn't bird feeders. But I got a bird I go to our auto bond in my backyard. And I have constant. My cardinals husband and wife and I have a husband wife Oreo. That come to my bird feeders and I just sit tiered. You know enjoy those guys but anyway go ahead. Okay I'm moving on the this is a shocker a real shocker. Then the nationals beat the nets with the Mets lost to the nationals. Seven to two breaks my heart I know on the Yankees lost to the athletics last bank. And I'm six to seven. The Red Sox. Beat the Astros. Last night at the Dodgers beat the reds. Aunts you know through the blue jays to within the blue jays hit on the blue jays lost to the White Sox we love Toronto Blue Jays here Buffalo Bill. Kind of calm can it just shows I love the devices I don't know but the blue urges I do to advise and integrate the cubs beat the pirates. Nine to five and that's almost about it the. All right we'll have not a bad job for a guy who. Doesn't know anything about sports she would remain yup that's right but also in about half. That's why we dug you up but it. Who tells it like it is doctor. Going from seven tonight they don't want to. Mean flooding WW can be. Whether it's a new born free don't vehicle you're looking forward you know you're getting the best deal when you buy from upstate Chevrolet about it. There's no better time to stuff into upstate Chevrolet to see how they can save you thousands of dollars while. Low prices great selection and friendly service which rebates and discounts that you. Record highs now's the time to buy an incredible vehicles at incredible prices. Shop online at champion that if it does come then call 1800. 6391505. And playing and taking the short trip to 36 main streets in Attica that's upstate Chevrolet. Won a close up look at those cool new residences in the city come you lost upscale hotel suite an incredible high rises at the sixth annual buffalo living toward today. Seated just open Cornelius at thirteen 91 hurdle a former schoolhouse now a stunning off the hotel Henry in the former Richardson towers the oldest and newest open building the school lusted evident with sleek black boards hardwood floors and twelve foot ceilings on this and six more from ten to five today. They gun buffalo living toward dot net or pick up a pamphlet downtown. Take a free trolleys or the scenic bike routes stay for happy hour from five played on the South Lawn of the just opened Henry Hobson Richardson masterpiece in the shadows of his mystical powers and the hotel Henry enjoy live entertainment have cocktails food and more. God give Phil lazy or is there a town miles or oddities BMW's health for a Mayo is minis in BMW motor red motorcycles all on display at the hotel Henry. Nationwide insurance presents the buffalo living toward a free event sponsored by creative story town other motive and the buffalo new home finder join us today. Won a close up look at those cool new residences in the city come you lost upscale hotel suite an incredible high rises at the sixth annual buffalo living toward today. Seated just opened buffalo river landing overlooking the bustling river or complex take in the view eleven stories up at 298 main street see the suites where movie star stated the mansion on Delaware ominous and six more from ten F five to. They gunned buffalo living toward god let her pick up a pamphlet downtown. Jacob three trolleys or the Sunni buy through state for happy hour from five to laid on the cellphone at the just opened Henry Hobson Richardson masterpiece in the shadows of his mystical powers and the hotels and enjoy live entertainment have cocktails food and more. God did village or is there a town miles varieties BMWs opera mail was minis in BMW motor red motorcycles all on display at the hotel Henry nationwide insurance presents the buffalo moving toward a free event sponsored by creative storage. Town other motive and the buffalo new home find join us today. The AM today he. Yeah. You know Lindsay. Game that I. I'm feeling is under way. Okay. The end up playing that up. Ways than. Don't under this plan. World out. Okay. When mom. You know mom. Okay. Being. You're not. I'm man. Thanks moment all I'm. CNN. You know I'm. That mom. And the off. Name. Yeah. Live local and even sometimes lovable. You've got to radio rawhide letter game. Romantic roost or would my casts of characters. Family and friends. On the famous. And original 79 every Saturday morning WK. Could be dump. 1973. The year big hit song. More marvel belts and drift away we've got to speedway report coming up in five minutes it is eight point 85 right now. All it was ten years later after novel Peltz and his dripped away. That Ray Charles and his songwriting here. And he was born to look. I'm Kate gave it. Good morning here. It's. Cause they don't. These beauties off. Roman yeah. Line. Of beauty shop. Is here. And every night around. That she. And. That she. I mean. Cause she. Okay and. A chance to win. And I. Each. There a. Okay. And I. Live. Now. Yeah. And it doesn't know. These boots me. It's what I. Do you. Or sheep and mean. She may matter and I. Or she. News. Hours noon. She's still. She's sure. I. We're. Wrong. Each. Okay. Wrong. When. We. And. Yeah yeah. And I. Each and. Law. And. Movie me too. We'll. And it is. AM crept into my WKB. Government. Ray Charles flaunt them. Rough. If say there it is time for the KB speedway report sponsored by upstate Chevrolet. Attica. By six lumber and building supplies in shaping and little valley. Where friendly service is a family tradition. By your local Geico agent in Amherst Tim lynch. Better coverage for a lot less a three to thirty to 53. And by Holland speedway motor sports complex. A family value players. Seeds of future stars of NASCAR on asphalt. I Danks of Holland International Speedway. Dave solid a man who's always on speed. And I say good morning to you buddy and guest walked. What. Guess who is running their control board there's more I can't imagine Jimmy steadily on. All right sounded like. Yeah out a different voice and of course. He's no Andy Clarke. Like you know he screwed up a couple times for the idea. I kind of made him do that because I'm always thrown stuff that I'm here that is not ready for. He is doing a great job and you remember back. At 1440. Eleven years ago. When we were breaking Jimmy and he was as sophomores so. Yeah so anyway what's happening in Beirut. Well we got some interesting things going and some of them are. Our bill that the desire is to lease one of the most is Dale Earnhardt junior. Now we've been saying all along and I said the beginning of the year that dale what went to announce your retirement you're essentially retired. As so and he's having a terrible year but I don't think. It could get any worse. Than it did at pocono last week. He blew two motors. At pocono one during the race and at leapt 57 he finished 38 that's no big deal. But the reason he broke the motor the reason the motors below. He missed a shift. Twice. Now this guy has been shifting his car how much eight and how many millions of times. He. During the race and during a practice or outlets session whatever. He went. From third to second as the car was. Winding like a demon you good and you know well enough and most anybody with a standard transmission notes. If you're winded it and you go from sect the third to second. You'd go to some league had a gift. And especially if you're going 200 miles an hour and it did this why once during a race let's say Doug Davis as I I said earlier. It is a border to get old. I I just wonder I you know to get or type I just wonder if you know and his excuse was no excuse he said everything it's been that day. He's says nothing was changed isn't that the placement of anything to do years of this day. And he said I have to pay more attention what he's doing count my house I don't understand. You know and and I think we're not talking about kids. I I remember when. When Shauna Robinson was was then NASCAR and they were just. Grooming her to go in the 500. And I sense that I got the note on a little bit I sense that the chief felt he was overrated and he blew it transmissions during the same thing. Going out for her part time trap. She revved over revved it and shifted wrong and and blew that trying to have it. But for Dale Earnhardt junior with all of his years to do this I'm just wondering. Whether whether he is totally cured from that those concussions things but this. This this is really desire for him do to blow to look them. Missing a shift going from third to second I. I know it it can happen in an even was me was of that. I missing here every once in awhile because them. Day agreement or whatever. Which are that go on 950 miles an hour when you're doing that and only it just seemed rather odd and then another strange thing happened. At at pocono and that is maybe not quite as bizarre but it's weird enough Jimmie Johnson and Jamie McMurray. Bullet had catastrophic break failure at the exact same time and they exactly the same place at pocono. Now you lose your break you feel I'm going to you know and this and that. These guys actually lost him in the first turn and pocono by the way it's not. It's a triangle that it's not it's not an old bulletin Rangel and dot the turns are very difficult because. Instead of our gradual turn junior turn and into what now it's not a literal triangle but. Your brakes are extremely important there because it's that you get up that tour miles an hour and both of them. Went at it just one after the other and Johnson. Hit a wall really hard and that and it apparently the the rotors shattered. And whether McMurray got into that or something else but he went right along with a ember hit it and that was the that was both are too strange things happen there and they at pocono I haven't been too that the people who then tell me that from a standpoint of a spectator. There are really many good seats and it's it's not I don't think it has its eye on the driver's list is the place state really wanna go. But to have these things happen there. Certainly didn't help. Another thing I wanna talk a little bit about your boy the polish currency he had quite a week. He came out early in the week where it. I'd a comment which I'm glad he made. Bread is becoming one of the him one of the more important spokesman now that he's been around awhile and he's he's he's one of the voices. That he early in history itself and that gathered attention and out of you remembered it happened. It was not that kind of attention he would've won it he was an. That was it is that time that have little. While Pablo Montoya. Read into the the jet dryer. They were dry and attracted Daytona and he missed. He came around I don't know what do you. And everybody is and bred to jumped out of his star has started texting. And and they thumb texting standing in the middle of the contract made them like that but he got over it but he. He was not really happy at all we're. Trial bush is that treated after the world 600 remember he. He said that you know he. And he answered one questions say congratulations they didn't mean it dropped the Mike. He says this he says this he said Janelle a lot of people wrote about how old. How it was he clearly is has desired a win in his intensity and and I chose it is is intensity and I think Brett does this. He said what I hear people reporting that he's that I want to roll up. This is what he said he said that his. But regardless of what you are your emotions Daryn that is inappropriate. And he knows PR right now for NASCAR is is in the toilet. And two to have a guy like Kyle Busch I don't care what his reputation as he got to have a little bit of class. And that that brings suspected junior because junior said that was just bred B and bread that was funny. Again I I have to respectfully disagree with junior that I aid it wasn't funny. And I when I sighed ice it has set I'd seen him at these before it out of declines he does that. He does that all the time list even when he wins. He is not exactly doing and breaks so. He came out what that also. A couple of things occurred after the that the race at Dover. And I'm beginning to wonder what Basque terrorists think it. They had that Kyle Busch's crew chief tire changer and player care career have been suspended through July 3. Now that's pretty heavy you wonder what kind of manslaughter they committed what the penalty here was they lost attire. Now you've seen this happen before these guys around and around and the tire carrier. He's got to get that player and he's getting got to run around and and switch and and put the new one. And they lost and that happens occasion and the tire might roll into the infield as long as nobody hit sit. No big deal but they want to make sure that this doesn't happen but man. That is heavy penalty. That you your take you to your crew chief for the bench. And two guys and your crew on July 3 that's that's a long time. For that and un ironically the same thing happened to him. And now his his occurrence was was that hit himself it was destructing. But the problem was. It in his case it was three. Like that's where tight his his problem is this ceases to look. It's a truck series. It didn't hurt anything. There are where we get guys we're learning there are no what this has and they just learning how to do it and he says it's it's a little bit unfair. To come down and that hard on guys who are just whining when are you actually going to be able to. To learn anything so so these are things that that happens. With. Lately with bread and also he finally did win. And I didn't realize as he runs a lot of experimenting races yet he had one and 46 races Specter at two 2015 November. Speaking out wave of I hit in reputable. Next vanity. Did you see this Saturday afternoon race. I know. When. You miss a real treat today had commentators. With the names. Danica Patrick. Ricky standouts. Yeah Danica was a sitting there in a Bruce was there to Edinburgh. And Ricky was a down and intercepted I don't know anyway we're gonna break here David would get back to you in about two minutes. Whether it's a new board pre owned vehicle you're looking toward you know you're getting the best deal when you live from upstate Chevrolet about it. There's no better time to stuff into upstate Chevrolet to see how they can save you thousands of dollars while. Prices great selection and friendly surface which rebates and discounts that. 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And if you don't think they could save you money on car insurance at any given moment. Think again. Because they clues. That's what they did. For a free rate quote called. 53 today her visit your local guy go opposite thirteen thirty united falls boulevard tunnel Wanda across from the boulevard mall. You are above you have got two minutes. Okay one thing. That I think is lurking in the background with Danica Patrick being up in the boot I was suspect that this is a try out. The C it is like how it resonates I would say this if you're gonna have somebody up in the boot if you are at least to have somebody who won a race. And it's or at least contain. And other but isn't NASCAR really reaching now. They are they are when they do that you know and I just don't. I it can't fathom that but I I believe that's what it is the skids are under her if he would isn't done at the end of this year will be very very surprised. But. I doubt that they do anymore was surprised by the way on the bread bread cut Huskies thing. He was one of the architects of stage racing room at a committee and Brad was one of the book the spokesman and he believed. That that was something that they had to do and I and Sonia. Doing nothing would have been better than doing something that that that doesn't work if you have to entice these guys to race. Which is what basically what stage racing is I don't like I don't I don't like it. And I I never will but I I'm I don't like that chase either and by the way in conclusion. Our boy. Your boy and I like to toilet got Julie and that terrible year and he is fast disappearing into the limelight. Are out of the limelight he might not make the chick would that be terrible ten race wins last year and maybe not make the chase. I think they're to you look at have a great Father's Day OK Jack thank you thanks Dave so. Rounds. Wow. Okay grand. So I. Old. Yeah. Incidents. Tell. You know. Yeah mom. The game. Back. It's that time. Okay. Just go. Or. That's. He told you how to ride a bike. He was Derek your first piano recital with interior design and he put his arm around you when you struck out during the big game. He's sure that. Last year you got on the time of the year before his Cologne and three years ago a new golf bag. This Father's Day and want to show him how much he really loved him so give him something you really love clues as trite. You know while dad loves to knock them back bearden Scotch wine. These laws at all you can see the smile on his face when he unscrew the cap and takes a hit straight in the models. He's a great dad a friend and a comforter and a drinker. This Father's Day it's easily inspire dad and. And I didn't. Earlier I'm happy Father's Day. It. And he. Yeah. Powered by upstate Chevrolet behind this new roads to our Chevy of Attica. Dot com 24 sevenths that's Christine make V. You know hold on me before that. We heard from Paul over street. As seen my father in me boy do I ever as the years go by and do ever. More and more 7 before 9 o'clock. And or especially thank Jimmie solely on who. Kaman and do some last minute duties he got a phone call. And he needed to be in here because Andrew could make it discrete. And Jimmy commendable job. You've been away from the show for what three years yeah edited time and it to come back in the saddle their people don't know what's. What's around you and what's in front of you it's unbelievable to. The computers to screen is. You know I I always say it is sound like a broken record. Give me that turned tables and a card machines and Ike I can't go in there in no what I'm doing I'd be happy with the CD player and a little meaning mixer. That would work. It's like an air air traffic control. Station here annoyed to absolutely it's literally there's like ten computer screens and I used to always. Saved it. A I am the best. Board not denying that I know. And I can't say that anymore because I can't even go in there and turn the microphone you couldn't you couldn't kittens could do. How is your perfect news so how did did all right Freddie Weller 1969. Games people play a song written by Joseph south. On KB debuted. Five killed. It has been fun as always. Have yourself a wonderful Father's Day you guys about it. And better week than you had last week remembered. Adversity builds character. You know whatever character you live. We go on mama on my way home with a Willie right now. Now who lives saved. Iron. This season and all. Good things must end. Call it a night. My. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Wanna occurring easy for me. Seeing. And you're okay. Need. I. Through life. I. Okay. Call it. And I. I. Okay. Yeah. The ones I am half. Okay. Line. I. Okay. Martin my. Then one day. Turn out to my. Time. Yeah. Call it. The night. I did. Okay. Okay. Tomorrow. Yeah.